Jan 25, 2016

Today, the mobile application development is a hot sector and there are several JavaScript Frameworks available that a developer can take help of to create engaging mobile apps. A developer can find a JavaScript Framework truly helpful in building an app with exceptional features. However, it is important to choose the right framework for a specific application development that can meet the requirements of a developer more precisely.

Here, we are presenting a list of most promising JavaScript Frameworks in 2016 with their features and unique properties:

JQuery Mobile:

JQuery is a popular framework building mobile apps that can easily be accessed through a variety of devices, including touch-enabled devices. It is easy to integrate with third-party technologies and this expands its application area. With HTML5 and CSS3, a developer can easily achieve custom-made user interface for his/her mobile application. The latest version of JQuery features a lightweight code base, which help optimize the speed.


This open-source and free framework has a WSYIWYG IDE and can be used for creating native hybrid apps for mobile platforms. The inbuilt JavaScript APIs help interact with the native functions of a device for creating engaging mobile apps. Developers can easily learn the framework to create apps for multiple platforms.

Sencha Touch:

This framework is very popular among experienced developers who love to work on the MVC architecture model. The framework provides developers with different sets of themes for different mobile platforms. This feature makes it more user friendly for the developers and offers them a rich UI with HTML5 and CSS3 for their application development. The latest version of Sencha offers an incredible speed and it is often known as the fastest framework for mobile application development.

Appcelerator Titanium:

This open-source platform is more popular for developing cross-platform native apps. One can easily learn the framework to quickly build apps to be run on different platforms. With a basic web development skill, one can build scalable apps, based on the MVC pattern. The framework allows developers to take better advantage of the native functionality of a device and include custom features.PixelCrayons -Mobile-App-Development


This framework could especially be useful for building applications for touchscreen devices. Many developers prefer this framework for its minimal scripting and its intuitive way of building mobile applications. The framework includes a wide range of UI components, such as calendars, charts, forms, lists etc. More importantly, it allows offline data storage and which makes it more preferable for developers as well as clients.


This cross-device application framework allows to build mobile apps to be run on platforms, such as iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and others. With JavaScript and HTML5, Enyo is more popular for object-oriented application development. The latest version of the framework has several astounding features like localization and standardization for a feature-rich mobile app development.


This open-source framework is compatible with jQuery and has a very lightweight code base. The framework allows to replace large size libraries to manage bigger applications. The architecture is quite similar to jQuery framework, although a lot simpler to jQuery. The developers who have worked on jQuery can easily master Zepto.

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Oct 27, 2015

Google's has positively amazed everybody with some cool new gear; two new Nexus cell phones: the Nexus 5X and the Nexus 6P, an upgraded Chromecast 2, and the Google Pixel C convertible cream tablet. Clearly the greatest news was the new accentuation of Android itself, Android 6.0, otherwise called Android Marshmallow.

Google declared Android Marshmallow two or three months back at its yearly Google I/O expo, which happened in the US. Starting now and into the foreseeable future it has concoct a heap of beta variations of the item for designers and steadfast Android fans who were edgy for something new.

Android Marshmallow is currently an unquestionable requirement have inside any handset. The item is more cleaned, looks better and devours less power. Boot up a Nexus 5 with it and you'll experience around 30% better battery life.

Android Marshmallow, all in all, is a truly finish upgrade that would like to change countless lethargic elements. The most striking of which is security and power organization. Here is the manner by which the Android Marshmallow is scores over the Lollipop, with these elements and redesigns.

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Application Permissions

Marshmallow's application assents have been changed, enabling customers to reject or underwrite approvals from individual applications and individual limits within that application. You won't be hit with a noteworthy mass of approvals when you present an application, rather when you use a part, say the voice message recording inside WhatsApp, that is the time when it'll approach you for assent. You can regardless go into approvals for a given application and change them at whatever point, in any case.

Unique finger impression Scanner

To begin with the consideration of the novel finger impression scanners and after that the rollout of Google's own Android Pay and now the remarkable finger impression analyzing and biometric security. Google has now made an emotionally supportive network for engineers to utilizing this element to further create intriguing components like gadget opening and purpose of offer buys and so on.

Web Browsing and Chrome

Android would sooner or later be relied upon to give the clients an essence of the Chrome program. The 'traditions tab' – an element that would permit in application web substance to open up in a littler space instead of the program. Designers can now tweak these tabs to the look and feel of their own site.

Android Pay and Mobile Payments

Google has at last think of what most organizations would have needed. The Android pay assists you with syncing the administration with the current charge or Visa. The administration has effectively tied up with a large group of administration suppliers and retailers in the US.

New Animations

The new Android must intelligent and instinctive general and advances more to the client. It must new movements and another application drawer configuration which makes it an interesting knowledge to the end client. It consequently puts your most utilized applications on top and matches your hues with the present wallpaper adding to the pleasure of the client.

Spare More Battery

The Android Marshmallow does not need clients to manage without a sensible battery reinforcement. It utilizes sensors to go into a rest mode when the battery is not being used. The new USB coordination would offer you some assistance with charging your battery speedier. Along these lines, on the off chance that you had been utilizing the Android Lollipop and not content with the battery execution then Google may have recently tackled your issue with the most recent adaptation of the Lollipop.

Supportive Storage

This likewise is an exceptionally fascinating element from a client's viewpoint. The component assists you with adding an outer memory card to your telephone and regard it as on-board memory.

The Android Marshmallow absolutely thinks of all the more fascinating components for both, organizations and buyers. As a business of you are searching for an accomplice to fabricate Android applications that are drawing in and significant, then PixelCrayons would be the right decision. The organization is furnished with the most recent apparatuses and strategies to fabricate applications perfect with Android Marshmallow and Lollipop. We give end-to-end outline and improvement answers for Android.

Dec 18, 2014

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Jun 10, 2014

“Security is Priority” , today each and every person, be it a web designer or web developer, agrees with the fact that a secure system carries out all its tasks with commendable results and without any unintended side effects. Moreover, securing your site not only benefits the site but it also somehow comes out to be profitable for you as then you won't have to bear any mishappening. For those who own an ecommerce site are very well aware about all the security risks or any small or big issue related to an ecommerce site and they are well acquainted about their responsibilities while handling an ecommerce website.

Worst Nightmare - Hacked Website
What if you wake up one fine morning and see that your site is hacked? This can be one of the  worst nightmares of a website owner. Attacks against online stores have become so alarming that in news they follow exactly after violent crime. After every one month a news pops up regarding an attack on a major or popular website. This is the reason why securing your website is prerequisite, so that you do not barge into such dreadful situation. As these ecommerce websites contain important transactions data, it therefore becomes imperative for all the website owners to secure their ecommerce sites and limit the security holes by taking precautionary measures.

Speaking of risks, why are ecommerce sites so vulnerable? Or is it like the number of criminals have increased with a great margin? If we get into the analysis part, then the tools required for attacking Internet are way too cheaper as compared to the tools required for robbing a bank, this obviously will lead the ratio of hacking an online store higher.

Belt and Braces
In order to secure your site and do not be a victim of hacking, you need to take some precautionary steps. Hence, to guide or help you, we have mentioned some useful and imperative points below  that you should consider while securing your site:

1. Make use of SSL ( Secure Socket Layer)
SSL helps and makes sure that all the imperative data transferred to and from you site's pages is encrypted and is not vulnerable to anything by any third party who sees it. Almost every shopping cart system supports SSL in order to keep their check-out and account pages secured. The only effort you need to put in is purchasing an SSL certificate. Nowadays this task is no more a back-breaking task as hundreds of companies are available out there offering SSL certificates at affordable prices.

2. Update Your ecommerce site Regularly
This is one of the most important aspects of ecommerce security which is yet majorly ignored. Not keeping your ecommerce site up to date is a sign of your site getting hacked soon. No matter whatever ecommerce platform you are using, it is imperative that you upgrade your store to the latest release or latest version of your ecommerce platform.

Your customers confidential and sensitive information can be vulnerable to hacks if you do not update your store to the latest version or even if you take necessary precautionary measures. Securing or maintaining your site will definitely cost you some money, time and energy but in the end it would be worth it.

3.  Opt For a Reliable & Trustworthy Payment Gateway
Make sure that you use a reliable and trustworthy payment gateway in order to save yourself from dreadful risks. Nowadays mostly all the stores are setup to work with credit card processors and popular payment gateways like authorize.net, PayPal's business solutions, Google checkout, etc

Security of your website should not be taken lightly rather it should be your main concern. The above mentioned tips will surely lead your business to a better, much secured and improved phase. In the end, every store owner should keep these three tips in mind henceforth while building an ecommerce store.

We at PixelCrayons, help you in making your website secured and updated. Get in touch for your eCommerce store development and web maintenance requirements.

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May 28, 2014

It is a fact that we live in a multi-platform world and hence there is a huge craze for cross platform apps in the market. The thought of targeting users across multiple platforms led to designing platform specific apps. Soon businesses found this to be an expensive affair developing for individual platforms with managing  only a few descent ROIs. It is then that cross platform apps caught imagination of the developers. Cross platform apps run across multiple platforms but make use of common resources.

However some experts have considered such apps as a compromise as they would often perform as per the lowest common denominator of the major mobile platforms. Nevertheless it would be wrong to brand cross platform development as compromise in performance if right development strategies are adopted. Let us now ponder on some of the things which you should do and avoid in getting the best out of cross-platform development.

Share the Code
The basic idea of cross platform development comes from the fact that the same app model can be applied to different platforms. Similarly developers need to share the code and the resources wherever necessary as this helps in cutting the cost and the development time considerably, which is one of the biggest goals behind developing these apps. It is also important to keep in mind that sharing is not a shortcut to cross platform mobile application development. A good developer should take a call on when to share the code and when not . It is often the over sharing syndrome which leads to compromised apps.

Present It Well
A visually attractive app has more chances of getting popular than an average appearing app. In the first glimpse appearance is your biggest crowd puller and not how the app functions on the device. Thus you need to work hard on the presentation part of the app. Talking about the presentation part you need to keep in mind the resolution, screen size and aspect ratios of the various smartphones and tablets that run on the operating system.

Don’t Forget The Platform
Mobile platforms do have specific elements and features and a professional developer have to keep this it in mind. iOS for example powers two of the premium gadgets in the world – the iPhone and the iPad and thus user’s expectations will be different from those of Android users who are using the entry end smartphones. On the same note a Windows Phone user would not be looking for Android like apps on his or her phone or else would have never bought a Windows powered phone in the first place. Thus each app needs to be some platform specific features to achieve success.

You Can’t Impress Well
It won’t be wrong to say that none of the cross platform apps do serve the customers of each platform in the same manner. In other words you can’t impress all with your app. When you are on the crossroad and have to choose between a compromise and sticking ground it is advisable that you stick to your ground. Study your consumer behavior and you will see that some platforms offer you more business than others. In such situations you can make a decision based on the business logic of targeting on platforms where majority of your customers are.

Stick With Branding
User familiarity is one of the most vital elements behind a website’s success. Many of your returning visitors come to you as they are familiar with the resources that you have on offer. This is a part of the branding exercise which may be as simple as the navigational tool or the color scheme of your website or app. If you have an existing application which is doing well it would be wise to model other apps on it as this. When you go for cross platform development it is important that you stick with the branding. You don’t want your existing customers to desert you in a bid to target new ones.

All these ideas will lead you to develop apps which function well across different platforms without compromising on the features and functionality in any of the platforms.

May 14, 2014

With the use of Joomla testimonials extensions, your visitors will be able to leave valuable feedback about the various products and services on your website. In a market where the competition is so fierce with the availability of limitless number of websites that try to cater the same segment and especially if it’s in the e-commerce domain, the feedback plays the biggest role in understanding customer expectation. Once the feedback has been collected well, it will help in tracing the glitches carefully as well as improving the service besides the product quality. A testimonial extention plays a major role for both the bloggers and web shop owners. The bloggers get a feedback on the valuable information they shared and the shop owners try to raise profits by implementing the suggestions they received on thier webiste. As of May 2014, joomla.org community is serving more than 8000 extensions. Ten very popular Joomla extensions supporting testimonials are as follows:

Testimonial Fader
The Testimonial Fader comes with a module and a component that allows the users to add testimonials on their frontend that can be easily managed by the administrator in the backend. The testimonials are shown in the front-end by using sliding or fading actions.

With this component which comes with the package, users can add pages consisting of testimonials anywhere on the website which either get approved automatically or through the notification of the admin.

This extension gives you the license to use and install on any number of systems you want. It’s like freedom. So, it is a real opposite of the standard license restricted software and Ioncube.

The Freestyle Testimonials Lite package offers the testimonials to be on the website and on individual pages. The testimonials are displayed sequentially according to the date and time they were submitted.

The RSMonials Joomla Component works perfectly well in the Joomla environment. It is an extremely simple as well as user friendly component for testimonials. RSMonials easily accepts feedback, comments, review, testimonials and feedbacks from clients.

This module helps in adding testimonials to the website. The user can add as many testimonials as they want, with the corresponding title, authors & date.

This Joomla testimonial component offers a user friendly layout for the admin where the website administrators can easily edit, pubish, re-order, approve or disapprove the customer testimonials. 

This is an effective and simple Testimonial extension that costs very less. The Testimonial Collector has numerous features to offer like the administrator approval that can be assured before publishing video, testimonials, audio and multiple file-uploads.

Even the clients find fun in sending feedbacks using JProFeedBack. It also has a Professional looking interface.

This post is shared by PixelCrayons. Please visit joomla.pixelcrayons.com for any of your queries related to joomla customization or components development.

May 2, 2014

Joomla CMS and Joomla Framework are two integral parts of Joomla community. While Joomla CMS is a PHP application used for designing content based websites and intranets, Joomla Framework is a PHP based software framework which gives access to a wide range of common classes and methods. The Joomla framework offers foundation for Joomla based content sites. This framework is integrated with advanced PHP distribution systems such as Composer to facilitate access to other frameworks as well in order to help speed up the development process.

While you are on to a web app development or website making, there are some major tools which you need to be familiar with. The first one of its kind is the Composer. The official definition for a Composer is that “it is a Dependency Manager for PHP”. You need not get confused. A dependency manager just arranges the needful for you based on a custom set of instructions. Let us take the example of ordering a bouquet with the florist. You can instruct him that the bouquet need to have warm colors like orange, red, and yellow. It is an instruction set and you are not going to make it by picking up the needed flowers or not specifying the flower types to get it custom designed. The Composer also works in a similar way.

You can provide the instructions to the Composer on what you need in the project, for example jQuery or Bootstrap, so that the Composer can set these packages at the back-end to be used in the project. You do not have to go and find them yourself and you do not even need to specify the Composer about which versions to get. However, if you want, then you can also request for a specific higher or lower version package. Similarly as in case of the florist, you can demand the Composer to go back and do it all over again. The composer will download the packages again based on your instructions to update, replace, or add more packages. You can do it at any point in time and this will prove to be very helpful and highly time saving while you are working on a deadline project. During updating, you can update any or all the packages directly from the original creator without putting in any additional effort than instructing the Composer to do so.

The Package Structure of Composer
Now as you got a basic idea about what the Composer is and its functionality, we can check out about a Composer package. Here we will see a sample Composer package structure with the required elements and packages.  You can create a single file as; composer.json and then you can set it based on your preferences as;

"require": {
 "php": ">=5.3.10",
 "joomla/framework": "dev-master",
 "symfony/http-foundation": "2.3.*@stable",
 "twig/twig" : "1.*",

As you can see, what we need to do is to only tell the Composer what all packages you need and the rest will be automatically taken care of by the Composer. This makes it pretty simple for the developer to execute the task more effectively. Now while you are at work, just open your command line tool and navigate it in the folder where you have saved this Composer file. Once you are at the folder with the composer file, you just need to instruct the Composer to start working by using the command “composer install.” On giving this instruction, you can sit back and see the Composer starting to work on its on. It will take a bit of time based on the number of packages you have asked for. You will get to see the Composer in action in your terminal window by accessing repositories, downloading the files and placing them in the corresponding folders etc.

The Joomla Framework
Joomla Framework is a package available with Composer. On adding a single line to your composer file, it will download and setup the Joomla files ready for use. You can download the entire repository and unzip it to any of the folders on your server or the local web root. You can find an app folder, another www folder and composer.json file. There are other files too, which are random files and you need not be bothered about them. Open the composer.json file and you can see the different packages, which will be installed on running the Composer here. On doing so, you can see some new directories getting created. All the packages will get downloaded to the vendor directory. Just open your browser and navigate to the www folder. You will see the site loading up and you are ready to begin the Joomla framework app development.

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